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October 21, 2007



This is so so so funny. The sad part is that I am always the gullible one. Once the joke is understood I can usually laugh at it though. Shae and I both had a good laugh about Mr. Lyon. I am going to use that on someone for sure this year!!!


My favorite parts: Aaron dutifully calling the zoo asking for Mr. Lyon. In my family, we would say that Aaron needs to be taken to the zoo, which is code for retarded, in honor of the Dead Milkmen song, "Taking Retards to the Zoo."

Second fave part: Benj. Sweet, loyal, hardworking Benj, reading that tag to see what the penalty is.

I was just telling my parents the other night that you and I were cut from the same cloth, and this post is further evidence of that. My dad's response? "There are TWO of you?????"


Carolyn, if it weren't for gullible people, the sadists would have such a miserable existence. The ones that can't laugh about it are just sad. ;) So thanks for making life fun and funny :D
Julie and Carolyn you will both find it amusing that Aaron, upon reading this says indignantly, " Yes! And the WORST part is that I then thought that somebody had called my poor sweet little wife and tricked her into giving me that message, and I didn't realise that YOU WERE THE ONE until quite a few moments after I called you to break the embarassing news and you were helpless with laughter"
He totally needs to be taken to the zoo. Oh I love that one...do you mind if I adopt it, since I am now a member of your family anyway as your non-identical twin split at birth 3 years apart.
And yes! Such classic diligent Benj. My friend Kathleen calls him Benj 9-1-1 since when he was about 2 he was always at the ready to call 911 at the slightest incident. Benj will never be carefree, po little lad. But he will probably be a very rich lawyer one day. So it's all good.


My eyes were so full of tears reading the "Mr. Lyon" part that I had to pause before reading the rest. Only seconds before, my eyes had been stinging (it is VERY dry here now, and there are serious fires in the area that have delivered smoke to where I live).


SAM are you guys ok? Hope you did not have to evacuate. How horrible. :( I'm so sorry for everyone there experiencing the horrible fires.

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