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October 13, 2007


Samantha O.

I noticed that you didn't say exactly how much you run! Our dad used to run the Comrades Marathon (it's 89 km/56 miles for the non-South African blog readers) so don't worry what Genevieve and I will think. Anyway, your essay has made me all the more excited to get back into running (though I don't think I have ever run as far or as fast as I infer you do) so thank you!


Well I can assure you that I run neither particularly fast nor far. On a very goood day I can run 7:50-something per mile although... if you divide that time by 3 for the legs...;)

And I have never run a marathon but I hope to within the next year. (If my body cooperates,it has been a tad schizo of late). I have run a few half marathons (maybe 3?) but have only quite recently gotten back into long distance. A couple of months ago I decided one day to run 16 miles in prep for a 15 mile trail race I thought was a couple of weeks later(turned out to be 6 weeks later) I thought that I did not have enough time to train slowly, so wisely I figured hey..I just ran 8 this week and that was easy enough-why not!! :I And it was one of those no sleep no proper eating days too. (As you can tell, numbers aren't my strength and I seriously did not absorb that it would be twice as long):/ Also, I still sort of picture everything in kilometers so 15 miles does not sound nearly as bad as 24 kilometers. Needless to say that was a *rather* unpleasant leap in mileage AND I did it all on a TREADMILL due to the weather. I nearly lost my mind along with a few toenails and 10lbs in sweat. GOOD TIMES!! Can't wait to do that again. (Sadly, I'm not even entirely kidding)

My dad and I have big plans for the Comrades in a couple of years. Let's all do it! Let's! Let's!!!


I love reading about your running. I always feel like you have captured how all runners feel and all non runners can just think we are all crazy. I know I am not a true runner like you but I consider myself in the runners class because I too love to do it when I can. Lately it is daily with Elise.

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