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November 29, 2007



I love the pictures. Your blog is to to funny LOL. It is good to know that like the grinch your heart grows more and more with the season. Have a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!


I know what you mean about associating seasons and feelings...I get that way in the winter. Not because of the season, although that is reason enough, but because I always have my morning sickness then. All 4 of my May babies (Okay Jackson was April 23rd, but due in May) caused the sickies right when winter came on. So now when the seasons change to winter I get a general "ugggh" feeling - because I do not like winter AND because of my associations with it, DOUBLE Whammy!


I love those cozy pictures, by the way!


I love those cozy pictures, by the way!


Seriously, those pix are super cool. You must enlarge and frame. Especially the first one.

Too bad you feel that way about Christmas - Scrooge. I love this season. I do get down post Christmas, though. When the world just gets dark and ugly.



To Clarify:
I love Christmas, I just don't look forward to decorating because it evokes the pukey feelings. But once I get going, it's all good (it's like running the first mile...it often sucks, but then it gets fun ;)
I will agree, post-Christmas in these parts is grimmer then grim. Unless you are looking forward to a warm, sunny and super fun holiday in South Africa. In which case, it's awesome. (neener)

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