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December 18, 2007



I feel like I've been subsisting on clementines and chocolate at work. It is the season, indeed. We have free-for-all chocolate in the break room of my lab right now, so half the time when I go in there to drink some water or whatever, I eat chocolate, and then the next time I go in there I try to make up for the chocolate by eating clementines (or tangerines... naartjies, or close to them!). [I'm actually eating a lot more than just chocolates and clementines when I'm not at work, which has put me in the phase where I wish I wouldn't eat and would lose 5 pounds a month]

The whole being-3-credits-short thing sounds like a bad dream--the finish line was moved! And I know 100% what you mean about never not finding something to change in a paper you're going over, and also the part where you can't remember if you wrote something twice, or just read it twice. Been there.


YAY!!! Glad you're done. Hope Finny is feeling better soon!


Congratulations Frog!! I didn't know you were hating your degree so much.

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