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December 31, 2007



[Postscript: this is not so much a comment as an essay in itself... apologies for my verbosity] What a lovely essay you wrote. I have been trying to reach such an introspective position in time for the new year, but haven't fully got there. Maybe tomorrow! After all, December 31st is a bit of an arbitrary date to end a year on, isn't it? I think it is great idea to look back and "count your blessings" rather than only looking forward. I was hoping to be able to tell you that 32 isn't that old, but maybe 33 is... but I'm not sure that's true. This year (I turned 32), I did feel old... much more so than I did when I reached the previously-dreaded 30 (but let's hope it will be different for you!). And unlike you, I feel like "nothing" changed for me in 2007. I have had a crummy year overall, so maybe that has affected it. However, I have had years where I have been amazed at the changes that occurred, and I have been unable to imagine how far another year could take me. So I get that. And as for resolutions, I didn't previously do them, but I did last year (with mostly failure) and I haven't decided whether or not to do them this year. I think your argument has swayed me away from it! I do think it is better to resolve to change as soon as I think of something that needs changing, even if it is May 8th at 11:34 am (or whatever). Hmmm... maybe I should have put all these thoughts in my own blog, rather than yours! Happy New Year! Oh dear... I thought of one more thing to say: I am impressed at your mostly positive attitude as you looked back at your year--you had at least one very crummy thing happen to you this past year (your diagnosis) and yet you are looking at the bright side of things. Once again I am impressed by your strength. You go, girl!

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