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February 06, 2008



I'm sorry you find your birthday cursed :-( About your tooth: Jesse also, until very recently, had a baby tooth that never got an adult tooth in to replace it. On his last dentist visit, they pulled it out and then brought the "business manager" out to talk $ (more like $$$$$) for the various options (implant, braces to close the gap etc.). Jesse has decided to do nothing about it, which is a position that is supported by his childhood dentist, from whom he sought a second opinion when he went home at Christmas. J's tooth is one of the front ones on the bottom, and he is fortunate that you can't see it when he smiles... so maybe he's luckier than you in that? Since it was a baby tooth, it hadn't taken all that much space, so the gap is smaller in his mouth than we expected. But my main points are to say: wow! Another person with a long-term baby tooth! Even some dentists J has seen had never seen that before; and: maybe you could consider doing nothing to the gap? Depends where it is, I suppose. The first dentist tried to tell J that all his teeth would grow crooked if he didn't do something, but the second dentist didn't think that would be a major problem. Sorry about your missing bag and possible missing items from your other bag. I don't suppose your running shoes were in the bag you got back? One last comment: Grapetiser! Yum!! I love Appletiser too... the sparkling apple juice here isn't quite the same.


Kurse-ty how I've missed your blog.

That sucks about your tooth. But, obviously your subconscious Munchausens side of you is jumping for joy. Good luck with that huh?

I love your family. Those pix made me smile.


For your next vacation?

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