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February 07, 2008



Oh Kirsty I looooove reading about your trip! I can't wait for part 2!
Welcome home, love!


First of all I am sorry taht your birthday was such as bust. I hope that there is some other wonderful day on the horizon to look forward to like ummm ground hogs day or somthing like that which will bring more sun into our grey lives.
As for your wonderful family adn vacation photos I love them. It looks like you had a wonderful time!!! I hope there are more to come. After the one baboon picture that was shown I can't wait for more!


More pictures! More pictures!! And yes, I want to hear about the baboons!


Love the photos!! Makes me hope we are stationed over seas one of these days:)


Loved reading about your trip home - and seeing pictures of your family :-) Made me miss SA - I need a trip back soon! I just laughed seeing those baboons with their legs wide open - that's the brightest blue I've ever seen ;-)


I stuck in with the pix & I too want more. That little pool you guys were relaxing in was AWESOME. Hmmmm Summer.


Fabulous! I thoroughly enjoyed all your pictures. The pool spent so much time in is worthy of becoming my "happy place." I really could escape there in my mind. What a wonderful trip. Glad you are back, even though you aren't...can't wait to see your other pictures.

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